The most important element of any conference, meeting or service of any kind - feedback - is very often lost or never captured. This leads to two inevitabilities: (1) mistakes get repeated, and (2) successes might not reoccur.

For the past 12 years, KL Communications has captured and reported feedback from more than 250,000 evaluation forms from hundreds of conferences and meetings, ranging in size from 10 attendees to 10,000.

As critical as capturing feedback is to the success of an event, writing clear and sensible questions is even more essential for capturing the kind of information you need. KL Communications has extensive experience in evaluation-form writing, for such events as Microsoft CEO Summit, Microsoft Government Leaders' Conference, Microsoft CIO Summit, Microsoft .NET Developer Tour, and dozens more conferences and smaller meetings.

Overall satisfaction

Responses Percentage of total respondents
Very Satisfied (9,8,7) 217 68%
Satisfied (6,5,4) 89 28%
Dissatisfied (3,2,1) 14 4%
Did Not Respond 21 6%

KL Communications offers the following evaluation services: